My Journey with Facebook Live posts

One of my good clients, Mr. Craig Wilkinson, founder of the Elite Business Academy - challenged me to begin the habit of posting Facebook Live posts on a regular basis.

Designed to help, inform, support, educate and inspire the Elite Business Academy (AKA 'EBA' - and often hashtagged #EBAcircle ) and its members.

The 'pieces to camera' are all unscripted and unrehearsed, and delivered in my own Yorkshire accent and filmed on a smartphone just in the moment.

The subjects and tips range from design, advertising, marketing, networking and general stories about life. The pieces are all 'addressed' to an EBA audience, but they are useful to anyone who want a little bit of insight that my 30+ years in the business brings.

I hope you enjoy the posts and you find them helpful. If you do, please don't hesitate to share the knowledge and experience with people you know.

Here goes:

My first time #Gauntlets

Your brand: consistency with variation #Mosquitos

Networking #Village

Doing it on the dining room table #BBC

Bypassing your own filters to hit your target market #SquirrelsInCravats #CaviarAndChips #BakedBeans

Simple formula to make your advertising work #AIDA

How to use benefits to convince your customers #THEM

Double word space… NOOOO!

Leave the ampersand to Tom & Jerry.... #DontMentionAmpersands

File formats for key brand elements #JPEGinaroundhole

Update on Links #Facebookliveliness

Branding Clinic Offer #Part1

Image sizing, getting it right. #NewResolution

Getting it right on a 1-2-1 #ReadTheVibe

Promoting Your Region #Yorkshire

Hashtags. What's that all abut? #EBAcircle

Friday's Gig #EBAcircle

Mascot characters in your business #HesACharacter

1-2-1s: You’ve seen the trailer... now see the movie #Networking

Positive mental attitude - devise a strategy #Mindset

What do you want now?

Branding Clinic Offer #Part2

LinkedIn - my own perspective... part 1 #EBAcircle

Subjectivity in design #RawChickenIsBad

Branding Clinic Offer #Part3

Who has influenced what you do? #Excelsior


LinkedIn - top tip for a first communication

Different brand identities for different services?

Thinking outside the box to get your message out

Using stock images in you brand identity #AlwaysReadTheLabel #licence #IfInDoubtBeOriginal

Colourful language. Print and screen colour systems... what's the difference? #EBAcircle

Charity projects, pro-bono, giving back, CSR. What’s your experience? The 3 top tips you need to know. #EBAcircle

#Packaging design - open for questions, plus 3 top tips. If you’ve got a product that needs packaging - or you know someone who does - this video may well be a good place to start!! #EBAcircle

Having a square or round element as part of your brand ID is so darn useful.

#Creativity: be creative in your business through effective #brainstorming. Here’s how in a nutshell. #EBACircle #TopTips

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