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12 Mar 2014 Welcome to Alphabet Hill

Welcome to Alphabet Hill

After many months in the making the time is almost upon us to launch the first of our Extraordinary brands.

Welcome to Alphabet Hill Splash screen

Getting the brand identity right was obviously key to creating the right appeal – but when combined with interesting educational games –  we think that Sunnyheaton will be a winner with child and adult alike.

So, what was the inspiration for the game?
Quite s…

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07 Mar 2014 Every silver lining has a cloud …

Every silver lining has a cloud …

Yes we know that’s not quite how it should go… but it’s a pretty good description of how we find ourselves with a website that has been sadly bereft of any TLC for the last few months.

With interesting new client projects to tend to and every spare minute ploughed into our own huge project that we have yet to launch, (not to mention the social lives of three very busy ki…

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02 Jun 2011 Catwalk Fashion Show Returns to West Yorkshire

Catwalk Fashion Show Returns to West Yorkshire


Following on from the success of their first major fashion show in October,The Mill, Batley are holding another seasonal catwalk show to celebrate Mother’s Day and to herald the arrival of Spring.

The Mill’s Marketing Manager Paula Hammerton, said “The atmosphere at last year’s show was amazing, the customers really enjoyed them…

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