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17 Jun 2013 RC_Blog_160613b

Skill Will branding clinic: Dr Rushfirth & Dr Rushfirth will see you now

Our creative partnership has once again been finding time in its busy schedules to help out with good causes. This time it’s a return to Skill Will, the Yorkshire-based initiative that matches local businesses with charities in need of expertise. Howard and Kathryn Rushfirth Leeds Creative Design Partnership We first became involved with Skill Will last year when we were asked to create the brand identity for the organisation. We did it…
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07 Nov 2011 KathyBlogShot

It’s SMileS all round with our pals over in Huddersfield

Smiles blog page with STEPteamUK review and bioOver the last few years we have really reached out as a business and increased our circle of fellow local entrepreneurs and SMEs within Yorkshire. It’s not about B2B buying and selling each other, and neither is it just socialising and chatting over coffee (or something stronger in some cases). For me, it’s about businesses engaging one and other to create a more empow…
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11 Oct 2011 BlogTheo_031011

Theo Paphitis talks enterprise in education with STEPteam and Rushfirth Creative

Theo Paphitis from BBC Dragons Den meets and talks with STEPteam UKLast week we attended the seminar at RAI Saviles Hall in my hometown of Leeds. We were there in three separate capacities- firstly as Rushfirth Creative, secondly on behalf of The Yorkshire Mafia who were good enough to invite us in the first place, and thirdly as STEPteam– our enterprise education programme aimed at secondary schools. The ‘enterprise in education&…
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15 Sep 2011 Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme: Now linked with the national curriculum for primary schools

Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme: Now linked with the national curriculum for primary schools

Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme Primary School student work montageThe STEPteam project is going from strength to strength. During the long summer months we have been working long and hard to revise the programme and fine-tune it so that we can make it the very best it can be. For those who don’t know about the project, STEPteam is an innovative programme that delivers a comprehensive series of tutorials to year 5 pupils. Working through a series of…
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10 Aug 2011 Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme – a little introduction

Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme – a little introduction

We made the following as a brief ‘teaser’ for Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme (AKA @STEPteamUK on Twitter). We hope you like it- and if you know anyone in education who is passionate about raising aspirations and esteem of children- you might just want to let them know. Play presentation for STEPteam Logo of STEPteam organisation helping to raise aspirations of young people  …
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