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Wise old Leeds graphic design proverb say:

Pair of mens shoesSME client who expects to pay less for his branding than the shoes on his feet will end up with….. really, really rubbish branding.”

Yes, sometimes it really is the case. Helping clients to understand the value of strong, effective, appropriate branding is just part of our job.

“Branding? We just want a website”.
“Branding? We just want some business cards”.
“Branding? We just want a price list”.

Without considered, functional brand elements to work with, the above cannot be produced to any degree of professional standard. Many SMEs may have existing collateral that may have been around for some time that may not be up to the transition to online media. Some, such as new start ups, may not have anything at all.

Any Michelin Star Chef will tell you that it’s all about the ingredients.

So remember to put yourself in good hands to start with. The right people will select the right ingredients to give you the opportunity to create fabulous results.