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Monthly Archives: November 2011

29 Nov 2011 Geoff Shepherd of The Yorskhire Mafia with young entrepreneurs on STEPteam

32 young people have just opened the door to the world of business

Students learning enterprise at primary school with Yorkshire Mafia head Geoff ShepherdWe are so proud of the young entrepreneurs who did so well yesterday when demonstrating their knowledge of business. They presented the fruits of what they had learned to an esteemed group of judges, who included Yorkshire Mafia founder Geoff Shepherd.
For more details take a look at the latest on our news section, and of course please take a look at the STEPteam website itself.…
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27 Nov 2011 Friendly STEPteam dragons set to descend on Dewsbury primary School

Friendly STEPteam dragons set to descend on Dewsbury primary School

STEPteam enterprise As a brief prelude to our next post and news feature, we would like to wish everyone involved the best of luck for tomorrow’s STEPteam ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch. That goes to Gareth Boot of Boot Personal Development, and Geoff Shepherd of legendary business group The Yorkshire Mafia who will be sitting on the panel, and also to Jamie Tosh of School Speake…
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27 Nov 2011 Creative signage branding for Toby carveries

Raiders of the lost archive: signage for Toby

Creative signage branding for Toby carveriesI was just reformatting an external hard drive, going through old files and moving them about. I came across some old stuff in digital deep freeze- I thought I would post them up, as I do from time to time. Creative signage branding for Toby carveries changing the illustration Three or four years ago I was brought on as a consultant for a signage manufacturer who needed a creative boost when pitching to M&B Brewery for the Toby chain of carveries. Not sure…
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22 Nov 2011 NP_229_Cards

Kind words from a major star

North Pole Trek business cards creative design and Illustration leedsHere’s a short but sweet entry- we’ve been doing a few bits and bobs to help Geoff Major with his fund-raising-tyre-dragging-North-Pole-dancing shenanigans. He has a very interesting and often amusing blog and has been good enough to shamelessly name-drop us in a rather nice way. Thanks Mr.M. Read all about it here.   P.S. Nice one Alan.…
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21 Nov 2011 Yes I may look serious, but we’re still SMileING!

Yes I may look serious, but we’re still SMileING!

Howard Rushfirth Creative Graphic Designer LeedsJust as an addition to our last blog entry- the nice ladies and gentlemen at SMileS have given me a platform to talk all about myself, just as Kathryn did the other week. SMileS have a really nice little website, blog and Facebook presence – please have a look and a ‘like’. You can read my bio piece here.…
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07 Nov 2011 KathyBlogShot

It’s SMileS all round with our pals over in Huddersfield

Smiles blog page with STEPteamUK review and bioOver the last few years we have really reached out as a business and increased our circle of fellow local entrepreneurs and SMEs within Yorkshire. It’s not about B2B buying and selling each other, and neither is it just socialising and chatting over coffee (or something stronger in some cases). For me, it’s about businesses engaging one and other to create a more empow…
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